Omari Carter – Artist Presentation

Omari Carter is a screendance practitioner and body-percussionist based in London (UK) and, for the past decade, has been choreographing, teaching and performing for music videos, film, television and theatre. A first class BA (Hons) degree in Performing Arts led Omari to perform for 6 years in the West End and international touring productions of ‘Stomp!’. Omari’s choreographic work is influenced by hip-hop dance, urban culture and body-percussion practices. This combines with his 6 years of professional filmmaking experience to result in the purposeful creation of narratives told through dance and the camera. Omari is a graduate from the worlds first Master’s degree in Screendance at London Contemporary Dance School (LCDS), Omari is associate lecturer in Screendance at the University of Lincoln, University of East London and will soon be leading the Dance and Technology module for BA Dance at LCDS.

In his presentation Omari intends to draw from his postgraduate study, which focused on hip hop dance’s relationship to narrative and the label of ‘urban’ within a screendance context. As a hip hop dance culture aficionado, studying under the roof of a contemporary dance school, Omari was concerned about who my research was going to reach; who was it for? The screendancers? The hip-hop heads? Film and video practitioners? The academics/scholars of either form? If his research hopes to be an academic contribution to hip-hop culture, will any hip-hop practitioners outside of academia actually read it?

Credit -Prelude Music: Phonebroke by FreshPrelude Interlude: Chords from Robert Glasper (Dillatude) – played by Omari ‘Motion’ Carter