Krszysztof Stasiak – Artist Presentation

A regular visitor to Scotland we have great pleasure in giving presentation space to Krzysztof Kris Stasiak. This year he finished his latest film titled ALCHEMY. This is an ambitious film that was commissioned by the Chorzów City Hall. The city in which he grew up. Alchemy is a film in which he tries to combine documentary parts with music and dance that he will show during his presentation – films and transformation – choreographic documentary.

Because of his musical education and interests, over time, he began to discover the works of artists related to contemporary dance. Choreographers who transfer their stage performances to the screen in a very original and innovative way. Stasiak went to Wuppertal to personally see several performances of the Pina Bausch dance theatre. It was a kind of breakthrough. The search for his own artistic language using movement is still the main source of inspiration during his current doctoral studies at the same school. In the meantime, he started making films outside of school and made the film MASINA. Fascinated by Fellini cinema, together with the dancer and choreographer Mariola Benesz he went to Italy to recreate the atmosphere of Fellini’s films using body language.

During his doctoral studies Kris received funding from the Silesian Film Fund for the production of half-hour film combining documentary and dance. The title of the film is “Tactum – elements of dance”. The film will be Stasiaks doctoral work and the annex to it will be a paper entitled “Choreographic document – space, shape and movement in the frame.” He will try to present his way of seeing motion imaging in a film in order to achieve the intended artistic goals.