Jennifer Paterson – Artist Presentation

Screen.Dance is very proud to announce the launch and premiere of the first completed one minute screendance commission for Scotland. The film will be screened at festivals and venues around the world soon. Contact the artists for more information.

Floor Falls is a collaboration between Jennifer Paterson, Artistic Director of @allornothingadt all or Nothing Aerial Dance Theatre and Lewis Gourlay and Abby Warrilow of @cagoule_tv Productions and came about due to the one minute screendance commissions from Screen.Dance supported by @creativescots Scotland and produced by @goatmedialtd

Jennifer Paterson presents her perspective on the production as someone relatively new to the genre though she has performed in an award winning seminal dance film that some of you might recognise from 1999. This is Paterson’s first time in being a lead creative in a dance for screen project though. She is more used to working across large scale spectacle, touring theatre and events and uses this as the starting point of the presentation. Explaining how the idea for Floor Falls came about, the aim of the project, how Cagoule, All or Nothing and performer Freya Jeffs collaborated, the learning on both sides and the nuances in working with aerial dance and film.

All or Nothing was created by Artistic Director Jennifer Paterson in 2006 to support her ambitious vision make aerial an integral part of the arts in Scotland. Jennifer has performed worldwide with companies/directors including Boilerhouse, Catherine Wheels / National Theatre Scotland, Cora Bissett / The Arches, Curious Seed, Fidget Feet, Gravity & Levity, Iron Oxide, Mark Murphy, Off Kilter, Plan B and Room 2 Manoeuvre.