Jiang Xiong – Artist Presentation

Jiang Xiong’s screendance PAPER is a beautiful textured cinematic short. “Flow and stillness” is the theme of this work. The two topics expressed in the heavy factory and on the light paper are interchangeable. The image of “paper” can be bright and dark, light and heavy, and it can be constantly changed. It can be used under anti-gravity to form an uncontrollable factor

Jiang Xiong is currently studying in the choreography department of Beijing Dance Academy. He is an actor, dancer, director / director who is passionate about three performing media: drama, dance, and video. 
When working with people in different professions across borders, he found different thinking of people in different fields and he also learned from them. At present, theater is his development research direction, and limbs are his specialty. “Drama is inseparable from limbs. What I want to do is how to make limbs speak better in “theatres”. Formerly worked in the Battle Flag Cultural Regiment of the Chengdu Military Region, participated in the Cirque du Soleil “Dragon and Lion”, China’s Broadway super-dimensional drama “Peter Pan’s Adventure Island”, the original musical “Qiu Pants and Rolling Pin”, The modern dance drama “Layer” he created in the academy was invited to participate in the carnival section of the 7th Wuzhen Art Festival, which was very popular with the audience. And he created many dance video works by himself.