Will Dickie & Fabiola Santana – Artist Presentation

Will Dickie and Fabiola Santana are Liverpool based artists who work in dance, theatre and live art. They are long term collaborators. All their work is powered by psychophysical practice, particularly meditative/martial arts and eastern performer trainings. We are happy to share their unique atmospheric approach to Screendance making. Their film Canning Town is another work that bridges into documentary making while exploring the poetics of cinematic and choreographic space.

In their talk they expand and discuss the psychogeographic approach of the makers: How they apply this sense of space to the built environment. With examples of past performance projects (Memories of Suburbia, A Home for Grief) and their collaborations with photographic artist Diego Ferrari. They will hone in on this particular area of East London, Canning Town, and how it spoke to our contemporary situation of urban life, inequality and migration. 
Right now Will Dickie and Fabiola Santana are working on White Sun, and live streamed a version from their back yard this May. It is a performance that uses text and movement to uncover relationships between power, privilege, divorce and addiction. They also plan to keep developing A Home for Grief, a body of work exploring ritual, memory, belonging, grief, loss, legacy, and bereavement practices.ontemporary situation of urban life, inequality and migration. .