Maria Craig – Artist Presentation

Scottish documentary director Maria Craig is presented her new film “Still Dancing” at

Three Scottish women tell their story of how they first fell in love with dance as a child and through a hybrid of observational style documentary and poetic screen dance form, celebrate just how much dance still means to them in their elder years. Having achieved a successful entrepreneurial career, Maria decided to focus on her long standing passion for film. In 2012 she made a feature documentary ‘The Story So Far’ about The Findhorn Foundation, an ecologic community in Scotland. She then went on to complete a degree in Film and Media and a Master’s in Screenwriting . Her short dissertation documentary ‘Hear Me Now’ won two RTS awards. 

In her latest short film ‘Still Dancing’ Maria indulges in her love of dance and tells the story of three Scottish women in their elder years who share their stories of their lifelong passion for dance. 

To combine the social commentary aspect of the film with the poetic elements of dance, Maria chose to incorporate traditional observational style documentary with the genre of screen dance.

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