Marianne Kim, Will Bond & Cheng Chieh Yu – Artist Presentation

We felt so privileged to welcome the next artists to talk about their beautiful and sensitive work Submerge v2 at, 

Submerge V2 is the fourth screendance collaboration between Korean American director Marianne Kim and Taiwanese choreographer Cheng-Chieh Yu. Their collaboration in screendance and contemporary concert dance has moved between China, Taiwan, and the United States for over 15 years. Themes of alienation and displacement embodied in the female experience often appear in their work together. 
Marianne Kim is a Korean American interdisciplinary artist working in screendance, multimedia installation, and performance art. Her areas of research include the disorienting effects of technologized labor, cultural identity, consumerism, and most recently the forces within industrial food production and promotion that mediate race, gender, and bodies.

Cheng-Chieh Yu began her performance career touring with Cloud Gate Dance Theater of Taiwan. In 1989-2001, she resided in NYC performing in the companies of Jose Limon, Bebe Miller, Ralph Lemon among others.
Her dance film “Martiality Not Fighting” is featured at the KCETLink on its global Dance for Camera online platform. The film has received Dirorphte Jury Award in Amsterdam (2016), The Best Short in Dance Camera West/LA (2015), as well as the Best Performance from the InShadow Video Festival/Portugal (2014). Yu is a Professor of Choreography in the Department of World Arts and Cultures/Dance, UCLA.