International Awards Screening 2

Wednesday 8th May – Perth Theatre

Programme running order

Ordinary Place –  Pedro Krull

Ordinary Place –  Pedro Krull – 2 minutes  (Brazil)

Ordinary Place is a variable between time and space. The place you occupy is not the same as the others. But with the advent of time, the place blends so much so that the one who occupies will not be you. The time shifts and the place is yours again. Ordinary Place, different people.

Time Subjectives in Objective Time – Kati Kallio

Time Subjectives in Objective Time – Kati Kallio – 3 minutes (Finland)

Three persons inside the old factory dances from room to another affirming moment of stagnation in endless time.

Where is Romance Placed? –  Malvina TAM

Where is Romance Placed? –  Malvina TAM – 6 minutes  (Hong Kong)

A Lover in the City is CCDC dancer Malvina Tam’s film debut. Through integrating contemporary dance with video art, it shoes a unique view of Hong Kong urbanscape. A romantic duet set against the dirt and chaos of markets, alleyways and construction sites, it examines the symbolism of these locations and how we perceive romance – love and light, sickness and darkness – and the relationship between body and city.

Mass – Fu LE & Adrien Gontier

Mass – Fu LE & Adrien Gontier – 12 minutes  (France)

A single take video-dance shot in Paris. The project was framed within the Danse en Seine’s choreographic workshops, including 40 amateur dancers. Images of the crowd appear more and more often and symbolize the current upheavals all over the world, evoking alternately parties, migrations of refugees, manifestations, religious gatherings or just the daily life of big cities. We thus work on the mass, with all the drunkenness and horror it can inspire. We confront the individual with crowd movements, in order to observe how he resists or lets immerse himself.

Andreas – Vasilis Arvanitakis

Andreas – Vasilis Arvanitakis – 5 minutes 30 seconds (Greece)

The struggle of a father who works as a tiler. He is fighting to overcome his life difficulties in order to protect the most precious thing to him, his family. A biographical video about a man that puts aside himself but in order for him to do so first he has to surpass his own self.

Chickadee –  Chan Sze-Wei

Chickadee –  Chan Sze-Wei – 3 minutes 15 seconds  (Singapore)

At the height of summer in Macau, earth turns to sky.

Film still from ‘Unframed’

UNFRAMED – Pawel Zawadzk – i10 minutes  (Poland)

Contemporary dance, popcorn, drowner, woman, gasoline and fire. UNFRAMED is a film based on a dance performance, depicting a wide spectrum of emotions present in a turbulent relationship. We get to know a couple from the first cigarette, through infatuation, desire, a sense of freedom, the effort of breaking up, and an attempt at mutual support in returning to normality. UNFRAMED is a few frames taken out of reality, in which the words go into the third plan, the dialogue takes place with the body, and strong emotions can take on both, a brutal and aesthetic form.

In the House of Mantegna – Michele Manzini

In the House of Mantegna – Michele Manzini – 6 minutes 40 seconds (Italy)

First scene: Conflicts. Second scene: A Border. Third scene: Extremes. Fourth scene: Vertigo. Fifth scene: Silences. Sixth scene: Nudity

BubbleGum – Ryan Renshaw

BubbleGum – Ryan Renshaw – 3 minutes  (Australia)

Everybody’s bubble must eventually pop. 

Bhairava- Marlene Millar & Philip Szporer

Bhairava- Marlene Millar & Philip Szporer – 13 minutes 45 seconds  (Canada)

Bhairava evokes facets of Shiva, the Lord of Dance, as both the destroyer of evil and the guardian of time. He is fierce and drives terrible deeds, but he is also the Divine Protector and Supreme Guardian; his intention springs from pure compassion. In this work, carried by a strong and deeply evocative musical score and by the singular energy of the ancient site of Hampi, dancer and choreographer Shantala Shivalingappa embodies the presence and distinctive qualities of Bhairava. With her technical mastery and refined expressivity, she alternates between moments of precise symbolic gestures and more abstract body language surging from the powerful and omnipresent persona of Bhairava, creating a vivid incarnation of the deity..