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Scotland’s festival of dance on screen est 2016. In partnership with Citymoves Dance Agency, Aberdeen since 2021


21:00 – 22:07 BST Programme launch as part of DanceLive

Livestream online worldwide direct from Anatomy Rooms (Lecture Theatre), Aberdeen

22:07 – 22:30 BST Live Q&A as part of DanceLive

Livestream online worldwide direct from Anatomy Rooms (Lecture Theatre), Aberdeen with artists Bridie Gane, Pernille Spence & Corinne Jola, Zoe Katsilerou, Holger Mohaupt, Susan Hay, Kae Sakurai & Monika Smekot and Sadiq Ali & Vee Smith facilitated by Hayley Durward, Roisin O’Brien and Iliyana Nedkova with BSL (British Sign Language) interpretation by Lesley Crerar

Following this festival launch, the Outwith programme and the recorded Q&A continue to stream in-person and online as part of DanceLive:

15 – 16 OCTOBER 2021 Daily 1pm – 5pm The Anatomy Rooms (Lecture Theatre) in-person

17 OCTOBER 2021 12noon – 4pm The Anatomy Rooms (Lecture Theatre) in-person

15-30 OCTOBER 2021 at all times on demand worldwide online


Outwith is one of the four curated programmes of Scottish short dance films selected to be presented at DanceLive 2021 Festival. It features nine screen dance works drawn from a juried open call, including the world premiere of High Winds & Slippery Surfaces by Pernille Spence, Corinne Jola and Zoë Irvine – the final of the three Screen.dance one-minute commissions following Deer OH by Natali McCleary and Floor Falls by All or Nothing/Aerial Dance Theatre.

The selected line-up features Loose Leaf Tea by Barrowland Ballet, The End of the World Show! by Bridie Gane, Where are You From by Kae Sakurai and Monika Smekot, Fade by Yuxi Jiang, Renewable by Susan Hay, The Chosen Haram by Sadiq Ali, let’s hold hands the old way by Zoe Katsilerou and where the spiders live by Holger Mohaupt.

Prompted by the question posed in one of the featured works, i.e. Where are You From by Kae Sakurai and Monika Smekot, the programme borrows its title from the unique Scots preposition ‘outwith’ meaning outside and beyond. Outwith is a proposition to celebrate the outward looking and diverse community of film and dance artists working within Scotland and the Scottish diaspora outwith the country who could identify with the sentiment ‘I may be from out but I am now with’ struck by spoken word performance artist Katie Ailes in her poem Outwith.

Step outwith the boundaries of Scotland’s contemporary and traditional dance and engage in a dynamic, inclusive and poetic dialogue with the language of cinema. Join us for the post-screening live conversation with almost all of the featured filmmakers and choreographers.

Iilyana Nedkova Curator


The End of the World Show! 2021 3.42 min Scotland Bridie Gane, Director

Let your climate worries get gently swept away with this 1970s spoof TV show that completely disregards the warning signs and takes us through right to the end. Unleash your sense of unease around our future. Play with your familiar yet ridiculous skills of procrastination as the climate deadlines loom. Ride the waves of the dark climate denial humour which seems to be the choreographer of this ‘show’.

Dancers: Amy Robertson, Skye Reynolds and Bridie Gane Voice over: Clive Anderson Camera and editor: Lucas Chih Peng Kao Lighting design: Thom Hall Costume: Sophie Ferguson

High Winds & Slippery Surfaces 2021 1 min Scotland Pernille Spence, Corinne Jola and Zoë Irvine, Co-directors WORLD PREMIERE

A fleeting body fights to maintain control of their movement as they find themselves in an unstable and unpredictable environment. The film experiments with the friction between physical action, sound and space to awaken the kinaesthetic sense of the viewer. Repeated disruption in the flow of action and sound together with the abrupt changes between involuntary and choreographed movements creates a dark, unsettles the viewing experience. The sonically immersive environment takes us beyond the screen supporting a greater sense of awareness of the space surrounding us.” Pernille Spence, Corinne Jola and Zoë Irvine

Dancer: Corinne Jola Camera and Editor: Pernille Spence Sound design: Zoë Irvine

Dedicated to Simon Fildes (1962-2021) High Winds & Slippery Surfaces is the final of the three Screen.dance one-minute commissions following Deer OH by Natali McCleary and Floor Falls by Jennifer Paterson, Abby Warrilow and Lewis Gourlay

Renewable 2021 3.58 min Scotland/Indonesia Susan Hay, Director and Co-producer

Inspired by the different landscapes and renewable energy sources of Scotland and Indonesia, this screen dance work was created through a digital art residency and dialogue between Marc Brew (Marc Brew Company) and Mariska Febriyani (Ballet.id) exploring the concept of space and restrictions amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

There are audio described versions of the film in English and Bahasa available.

Co-producer, Choreographer and Dancer: Mariska Febriyani Choreographer and Dancer: Marc Brew

Let’s Hold Hands the Old Way 2021 5.33 min England/Scotland Zoe Katsilerou and Eilon Morris, Directors and Producers

A multilingual screen dance work provoked by the UK Government poster on how to wash hands displayed everywhere throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Inspired by the yearning for physical contact and choreographed as an intimate piece for four hands, this dance film sits alongside subtitled voiceover accounts of stories about holding hands woven into a percussive soundtrack.

Choreographer: Zoe Katsilerou Composer and Sound designer: Eilon Morris

The Chosen Haram 2021 19.24 min Scotland Sadiq Ali, Director and Producer

It’s Ahmad and Steve, not Adam and Eve! Something that is haram is forbidden in Islam. This short dance film explores themes of faith, sexuality, addiction and human connection. Fusing live action and Chinese pole (an acrobatic circus discipline), it tells the story of two queer men and the social and personal barriers they desire to overcome.

Filmed during lockdown, it is a first glimpse of a live show currently in the making by one of Scotland’s up-and-coming circus creators.

Writer: Sadiq Ali Producer: Vee Smith Dancers: Sadiq Ali and Hauk Pattison

Fade 2021 4.48 min China/Scotland Yuxi Jiang, Director, Dancer and Editor

Discarding the impact of gorgeous colours, this screen dance work taps in the melancholic expressive power in black and white tones to portray a unified internal rhythm between the car-dominated city, the unpredictable deep ocean and the fantasy of the red wine.

Fade implies fading out and peeling away. In this rapidly changing and uncertain world, each of us is constantly striving towards a layer of unknowns in the process of being lost and surging, gradually becoming lopsided, but…never losing hope.” Yuxi Jiang

Director of Photography: Lichao Yang

Loose Leaf Tea 2017 15.13 min Scotland Natasha Gilmore, Director and Choreographer Andrew Cumming, Co-Director and Editor

A comic film challenging the perception of age while stirring a dance storm in a teacup which is being shared across three generations of women.

Cinematographer: George Cameron Geddes Original Music: Quee MacArthur Costume: Robert Leop Macfarlane Dancers: Diana Payne-Myers, Elizabeth Rankine, Natalie Trewinnard, Jade Adamson, Eve Romero-Dower and Ella Morgan

ANTAGATA DOKO SA (Where are You From) 2021 6.24 min Scotland Kae Sakurai and Monika Smekot, Co-directors WORLD PREMIERE

A stroll in the playpark in six variations or a percussive dance evoking the traditional Japanese children’s play song ANTAGATA DOKO SA (Where are You From) reinvented by composer Riko Matsuoka for traditional Scottish harp/clarsach inspired by traditional Scottish dances, including reel, Strathspey and jig.

Director, Percussive Dancer, Choreographer: Kae Sakurai Co-Director, Camera and Editor: Monika Smekot Musician, Composer: Riko Matsuoka

where the spiders live 2020 3.11 min Scotland Holger Mohaupt, Director and Camera

A physical response to the memory of architecture set in the ruins of an abandoned paintball arena in Scotland. Rather than a lame choice of another ruin as a location, this screen dance appears as as farewell to memory and childhood with a footnote to neoliberal moneymaking.

My work is best described as ‘carefully observed moments, processes or scenes condensed into choreographies of everyday lifeHolger Mohaupt

Dancer/choreographer: Felix Watts Producer: Tracey Fearnehough

Scotland’s festival of dance on screen est 2016. In partnership with Citymoves Dance Agency, Aberdeen since 2021