On Demand

Scotland’s festival of dance on screen est 2016. In partnership with Citymoves Dance Agency, Aberdeen since 2021

16 – 30 OCTOBER 2021

The programme runs for 55 min and streams worldwide on demand at all times as part of DanceLive


A rise in demand for dance creativity on screen?

On Demand is one of the four curated programmes of Scottish short dance films selected to be presented at DanceLive 2021 Festival. It features five screen dance works drawn from a juried open call.

The selected line-up includes five screen dance works: Happy Together by Sofia Kondylia, Forest Within by Anna Dako, Out of Time by Penny Chivas and Alan Paterson, Sylph by Louise Barrington and In Absentia by Malcolm Sutherland.

Enjoy a snapshot of Scotland’s dance community in the process of becoming part of the global screen dance culture.

Iilyana Nedkova Curator


In Absentia 2021 7.35 min Scotland Malcolm Sutherland, Director

A performer without a stage? An audience without a performer? Is it time to reconsider the relationship between screen dance and theatre, between viewing and witnessing.

Dancer: Malcolm Sutherland Camera: Lewis Landini Sound design: Duncan Sutherland Mentor: Bethany Kingsley-Garner

Out of Time 2021 8.22 min Scotland Penny Chivas and Alan Paterson, Co-directors

June 2020. All our normal reference points are gone. Disorientation. Thinking changes, patterns slip by, can any new possibilities emerge? A dancer moves as if slipping between the past and the future. Reflecting on expectations and loss, a moment for transition opens up. Committing to the uncertainty, change is embraced.Penny Chivas

Forest Within 2021 25 min Scotland Anna Dako, Director and Choreographer

We need to re-connect the past to the future, in the present. I feel like I owe this tree a hug. In the world deprived of touch, it is this one thing I can offer to the forest. How can I embrace its timely presence? How can I share the joy of living, different time frames, side by side, and celebrate the many relationships with the Earth’s dynamic? Who am I here…? Why do I come here at all?Anna Dako

Filming: Anna Dako and Bircan Birol Movement Artists: Laura Booth, Shayne Lilith-Moon and Sofia Kondylia

Sylph 2021 3.13 min Scotland Louise Barrington, Director

Seeing the invisible? Let the invisible beings of air – the sylphs – take centre stage as we move along with the seasons. How do we respond to the sylph-like markers of a season?

Sparkling with lightness and luminocity, Sylph is also brimming with sensitivity towards those who have been and gone yet remain inscribed within the light and shadow of the landscape, in the stories passed from one generation to the next. The vitality of movement keeps the stories of places and people alive. Invisible no longer. Breathe in with the sylphs!

Dancer/Choreographer: Stephanie J Hellewell

Happy Together 2021 10 min Scotland/Greece Sofia Kondylia, Director and Choreographer

How can an ensemble choreography be performed ‘together and apart’ at four different locations with such geometrical clarity, urgency and irony?

Dancers: Vicky Alexandraki, Zoe Bogea, Sofia Kondylia and Christina Panayiotou Dramaturg: Eleni Mloukie

Scotland’s festival of dance on screen est 2016. In partnership with Citymoves Dance Agency, Aberdeen since 2021