Student Awards Screening

Tuesday 7th May – Perth Theatre

Programme running order

Horizontes - Paloma Leyton
Horizontes – Paloma Leyton

Horizontes – Paloma Leyton – 8 minutes (Italy)

An open debate about instability. The seek for balance and the tension game established between the body, its weight and gravity intended as performative principles become visible with the invention of a new apparatus. The horizon is the base of a minimal dance where the interest does not rely on impressive acrobatics but on the seek of balance as an extraordinary thing. The same performance was filmed over the horizons of Argentina, Spain and France, tanking advantage of a normal, personal state of mobility. A new landscape corresponds to each loss of balance and to each fall. Thus, choreographic instability translates into cartographic reality.

Ghost Dance

Ghost Dance – Krzysztof Stasiak – 3 minutes (Poland)

Exquisite Source – Abby Koskinas

Exquisite Source – Abby Koskinas – 3 minutes (USA)

 A dance film exploring reflection and distortion of perception—Inspired by Salvador Dali’s painting”Metamorphosis of Narcissus”

Chroma Tunnel – Elettra Giunta

Chroma Tunnel – Elettra Giunta – 3 minutes 30 seconds (UK)

A circle in which walls, drawings, individuals and movements merge.

Over Under – Demetra Chiafos

Over Under – Demetra Chiafos – 3 minutes 20 seconds (USA)

A dance film studying the self-awareness of a breakdown: the facade on top and the crumbling structure beneath.

Invisible Geometry – Zulf Cheng

Invisible Geometry – Zulf Cheng – 6 minutes (USA)

 A dance film showing how to work with things invisible but touchable.

Artificial Gaze – Yerin Lee

Artificial Gaze – Yerin Lee – 3 minutes (UK/S.Korea)

‘Artificial Gaze’ is about how people create and present their images by doing social media. It shows the process how people design their images with different layers and colours, taking the same photos hundreds of times. The film is travelling the specific photo/video tools of social media and pointing out that people prefer to be shown in the “Artificial Gaze” ,since they are aware of the way other people are looking at them

Some Body – Francesco Puppini & Matteo Palmas

Some Body – Francesco Puppini & Matteo Palmas – 2 minutes 40 seconds (UK)

 What happens when you can’t see, but you can feel? A visual poem for two bodies and one voice.

Blind – Katariina Räty

Blind – Katariina Räty – 6 minutes 20 seconds (Finland)

Blind is a dance short film about how the routine of everyday encounters escalate into a struggle of egos. What becomes of love in a relationship where the other becomes so obvious that you no longer can see.

Off – Kathryn Nusa Logan & Bita Bell

Off – Kathryn Nusa Logan & Bita Bell – 6 minutes 15 seconds ( USA)

 Derived from the courageous stories of migration in boats and contradicted with the derogatory term “FOB”, Off  is an exploration of bodies in misplacement. This film makes palpable a vulnerable experience through the sensibilities and motions seen on the skin, spine, hands, and feet. The camera creates a sense of ungrounding, situation the body in a void. Off  aims to create an emotional landscape through physicalizing the cinematic experience in order to seize a deeper human connection.