Celina Duprat (Argentina)

Celina Duprat – Artist presentation at Screen.dance Perth Theatre May 2019

Celina is an artist & filmmaker. Born in 1994 in Bahía Blanca, Argentina. Works between Buenos Aires & Milano, where she’s based now. Currently working on feature films and advertising, as well continues her exploration through different formats of digital and analogue film. 
She will present her innovative work Operation Contemplation. This is a little of what she says about it. “This art video was produced to honor the great artist Graciela Sacco, who died in 2017. Graciela was one of the most well-known international artists of the Argentinian contemporary art scene. Her work can be interpreted both as effective and disruptive. The artist turned light and shadow into her primal core. When we designed the aesthetic and narrative of Operation Contemplation with the choreographer Mariana Bellotto and the photographer Juan Diego Camacho, both coauthor of the piece, we decided to respect those same aesthetic lineages. However, with the incorporation of body, dance, framing and editing, we managed to give spatiality, rhythm and sonorous-musical ambience to this new piece. The hands come out of the walls to point fingers back; the mouths move, sound, breath; the lighters burn; everything changes its state.”