UK Awards Screening – Saturday 20 June

The curated programme of UK short films selected from the open call to the festival. Saturday, 20 June 2020 from 17.00- 18:10 BST

BUNNY (UK, 2min) A concrete skate park under grey skies. Enter BUNNY. Dir. James Copeman


GLORIA! – (UK 2019 , 10min) Famous New York choreographer, GLORIA!, is at Greenwich Dance ready to direct her first dance film, Disco Inferno. And Sarah ….. is running late! On her way to star in the dance film, Sarah stumbles across some curious happenings. Dir. Roswitha Chesher


Boneline (UK 2019 9 min 30s) Boneline comments on ageing and how with age comes an increasing awareness of the transient nature of our existence. The film connects the human body, and the earth and stones of a landscape, to suggest an inescapable relationship between the them. Dir. Christopher Lewis-Smith


Wall Dance (UK 2019 3min 30s) A woman in a room. A study in movement. Dir. Colleen Bartley

wall dance

Bleed – (UK 2019 3min) A young girl goes through an almost supernatural experience. Dir. Fraser Scott, Iona Ramsay


Suspended Motion (UK 2020, 3min) Suspended Motion shares an exchange of movements and sensations responding to touch, light and sound. This is explored in the relationship between complex disabled (deafblind) dancers, leading non-disabled dancers in an environment that travels through a space using the senses. The original music score was created by artist Justin Wiggan and features vocalisations by deaf/blind vocalist Sarah N’Diritu. Dir.Sima Gonsai

Suspended Motion

Nocturne (UK 2020 13min) Embraced by sound and obscured by a sense of infinite darkness, the form of the dancer’s body slowly becomes visible as she begins to move closer to the edges of the light. Absorbed by the physicality of her movements, she is gradually illuminated in warmth as she teeter’s at the borders of our worlds. Dir. Laura McGregor. Chor. Kerry Francksen.


Swivel (UK 2019, 6min 40s) What if, you can be all of who you are and still allow another? That just for one night, judgement no longer exists? What if, an intimacy of touch, a truth of want, Swivels around your doubt and trusts? What if, love is not a gender, it is a swivel of the heart? Dir. Lois Norman . Performers Iron&Sparks


Dissipate (UK 2019 4min 30 secs) Two people meet on a platform attempting to rewrite their pasts. Are they here now or have they been here before? Have we already danced these steps? As memory clouds they stumble and jump between movements forgetful of the details that once held everything together. Nothing left but a hazy memory dissipating in the breeze.Dir. Penny Chivas and Paul Michael Henry


How the Earth Must See Itself (UK 2019 13min) Filmed in the subartic alpine environment of the Cairngorm Mountains in the eastern highlands of Scotland, UK; How The Earth Must See Itself (A Thirling) invites the viewer into a new relationship with mountain landscapes. Instead of documenting a victorious ascent to the peak, it proposes a meditative, sensuous and poetic being with the mountain, the landscape and the nature encountered. Filmed on S16mm film, fragile, weathered images evoke the fallibility of perception. Dir. Lucy Cash, Chor. Simone Kenyon

How the Earth Must see itself

Floor Falls (UK 2020 1min 30secs) A premiere of a new one minute screendance commission. Dir. Jennifer Paterson, Abby Warrilow, Lewis Gourlay

Floor Falls