One Minute Screendance commissions

New Screendance commissioning scheme for Scottish based artists.

We are very happy to announce that the Screen.Dance festival production company Goat has received funding from Creative Scotland to develop a new screendance commissioning project for Scottish based artists.

This new commissioning process enables the creation of 3 x 1 minute Screendance works with 3 Scottish-based choreographers, developing new interdisciplinary collaborations with film-makers, and increasing the presence of Screendance from Scotland in international dance film festivals through professional mentoring and distribution support. 

The project aims to increase confidence in artists to explore this genre and get their work on to the international stage through the creation of a supportive professional development programme.

The project is also supported by The Work Room Glasgow, Threshold Artspace Horsecross Perth, Eden Court Inverness, Citymoves Dancespace Aberdeen, Goat Media Ltd, and

These partners are offering a variety of in kind opportunities for this project such as rehearsal space, technical support and equipment, screenings and in some cases financial support. These depend on the project and availability.

A detailed call out and submission deadline for proposals will be announced soon. In the meantime start thinking about what you would like to do.

Here is some inspiration from la Danza in 1 minuto Coorpi and 60secondsdance

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