Free 2021 festival pass for Scottish and international students

Scotland’s festival of dance on screen est 2016. In partnership with Citymoves Dance Agency, Aberdeen since 2021. Curated by Simon Fildes and Iliyana Nedkova. Further support from Marlene Millar and Festival Quartiers Danses, Montreal

Are you a student? Do you think you would benefit from having a free pass to festival livestreaming 11-13 March 2021?

For the first time in ticketed festival history we are offering a free pass to all students through their higher education institutions. Previously, we have supported students with special jury awards and festival commissions.

How can you claim your free festival pass? Please, get in touch with our festival partner Citymoves Dance Agency in Aberdeen by emailing Hayley Durward <> with ‘ 2021 Free Student Pass’ in the subject line along with your student/place of study details in the body of the message.

For all 2021 festival highlights, hop across here.

Videostill from Drawing Blank 2013 5:32 min Stefan Verna, Director Emily Honnegger, Choreographer. Streaming as part of 2021 Exclusive programme With Love from Quebec and Festival Quartiers Danses

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