Bursaries to attend DanceLive 2021

A member of Traditional Dance Forum of Scotland (TDFS)?

Grab one of the 10 TDFS bursaries which will cover the full DanceLive festival pass of £35 and allow you to attend 4 days and all evening events onsite in Aberdeen and Banchory from 14 until 17 October 2021 as well as provide you with full online access whereevr you are based from 14 until 30 October 2021! If interested, please email TDFS info (at) tdfs.org by 14 October 2021 with a commitment to write a brief (up to 300 words) review of your festival experience for the next TDFS newsletter.

Not a TDFS member yet?

This is your chance to join TDFS as a member and enjoy opportunities like these TDFS bursaries to attend DanceLive festival either in person or online (or even both): https://www.tdfs.org/join/


DanceLive 2021 features contributions by TDFS board members Wendy Timmons and Iliyana Nedkova who co-curated Movement – a collective moving image homage to the contemporary dance diva Margaret Morris (1891–1980). Find further details about Movement here.

Screenshot from Trio for a Quartet 2017 3.08 min Scotland Simon Fildes, Director – one of the six works featured in Movement

Traditional pecussive dance and newly-composed traditional music is also represented in Outwith – one of the other three Scottish screen dance programmes at DanceLive 2021 curated by Iliyana Nedkova. Be the first to see the world premiere of this new screen dance work entitled Antagata Doko Sa (Where are You From) by Kae Sakurai, Monika Smekot and Riko Matsuoka. Find further details about Outwith here.

Screenshot from ANTAGATA DOKO SA (Where are You From) 2021 6.24 min Scotland Kae Sakurai and Monika Smekot, Co-directors – one of the nine works featured in Outwith

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