Do you mind can I ask you…

Just over a month ago, on 14 October 2021 we launched Movement – one of the four curated programmes of Scottish short dance films selected to be presented at Aberdeen’s DanceLive Festival. With just six films, Movement paints a collective moving image portrait of the modern and contemporary dance pioneer Margaret Morris (1891–1980) and her method of natural movement known as Margaret Morris Movement or MMM still practised worldwide today.

At the post-screening Q&A, we were very pleased to be joined by some of the featured directors, including Abby Warrilow and Lewis Gourlay. Apart from hearing about Etch – their film which concluded the Movement programme depicting a journey through childhood and moorland with a nod to Margaret Morris and her style of ‘natural movement’ integrating drawing, dancing and music as embodied in the solo by dancer Joanne Pirrie – we were also very excited to announce Abby and Lewis’s new film project as a directors’ duet entitled Do you mind can I ask you…(what happened to your legs)?

Image by Lewis Gourlay of a scene in Achiltibuie with Cole (Calum Barbour), Annie (Tess Letham) and Laika the dog entering the bar for a dance

Abby and Lewis were just heading to Achiltibuie in the Scottish Highlands for an emotional and rigorous film shoot with their cast, including Tess Letham, Calum Barbour and Laika, the dog and their crew from Goat Media and Eyebolls. The glaring omission was the late Simon Fildes (1962-2021) – Scotland’s festival co-founder and co-curator who wrote the screenplay and trusted Abby and Lewis to co-direct his film when he realised that he wouldn’t be able to do it himself.

As there tends to be a lot of works about despair in the face of challenge, Do you mind can I ask you…(what happened to your legs)? attitude is quite the opposite. Abby Warrilow and Lewis Gourlay

We are now pleased to extend Goat Media’s invitation for you to the fim premiere on 18 December 2021 at Edinburgh’s Cameo Cinema. Find all further details and book your free ticket here. Your kind donations will help send Simon’s film around the world.

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