A digital turn and international collaborations for the Festival Quartiers Danses Montreal.

It is with great pleasure that Screen.Dance is collaborating with the FQD to share with you this unique Montreal programming! Visit our website and our platforms between September 11th and 20th to access it.

For the duration of the festival, the FQD will present 16 short dance films and world premieres produced by the Montreal artists of its programming, 16 interviews with the choreographers and directors, a photo exhibit, a round table on racism and diversity in the dance milieu and a programming of 10 short films about dance that you can watch from home at no cost. Indeed, in these difficult times, the FQD remains faithful to its mission to democratize dance and makes a point of broadcasting everything free of charge.

As the only festival entirely dedicated to dance in Montreal, the FQD is going online for its 18th edition. From September 11 to 20, the festival programming will be broadcast on its website with new artistic content every day. Through this initiative, the festival hopes to continue to reach audiences here and abroad while pursuing its primary goal: to showcase Montreal’s dance creation in all its forms and hybridities. 

For a preview of the 18th edition of the Festival Quartiers Danses it’s this way : video teaser 

Summer Shorts – Partnership with Marquee TV

Summer Shorts 2020 – throughout the month of August.

Screen.Dance : Scotland’s Festival of Dance on Screen is so excited to announce we have partnered with Marquee.tv to help add some of the best of the festival to their Summer Shorts programme!

Marquee TV presents a curated selection of short films from around the world, focused on dance and music. Co-curated in collaboration with the San Francisco Dance Film Festival and with the participation of the Screen.dance Festival in Scotland

Screen.Dance – UK Jury Award 2020

Canning Town

We can now announce the curators’ choice award for films submitted to the UK Awards category.

Canning Town is a dance film shot beneath its street lights, capturing desolate cityscapes that will soon no longer be there. House prices continue to rise and the redevelopers of East London are steadily encroaching from all sides. Fabiola Santana and her Mother Leah moved to Canning Town from Portugal in 2008. In 2018 they moved out. This film honours those 10 years by making a dance with the forces of union and separation – between two lovers, a mum and daughter, a country and its continent.

The film was selected by Simon Fildes, Iliyana Nedkova and Gitta Wigro from the films submitted to the UK screendance awards category.

The panel felt the film was an atmospheric psycho-geographic examination of a particular time and place in British history and pushed the screendance form in to new territory. Congratulations to the creative team Will Dickie, Fabiola Santana and Will Hanke.

Responding to the award the directors sent this statement. “Thank you to everyone at screen dance for hosting Canning Town, and for this super award! We were really thrilled to see our work amongst many high-quality films from around the world. We are so disappointed to have not been there with you to meet in person. At the same time, many of our friends and family from far and wide were able to experience the festival with us, which was great. We would like to give a special mention to Will Hanke for his camera work, and Fabiola’s mother Leah for her contribution and her love. We hope that we can offer this making process to other towns, cities, street corners and dancers in future. And continue to listen to public space with our bodies. Do get in touch with us if you have any comments or questions, we’d love to hear from you.  WilL & Fabs x”

The panel felt a special mention in this awards category should also be made for the film ‘Swivel’ by Lois Norman

Screen.Dance International Jury Award 2020

Intertidal Barene

We can now announce the curators’ choice award for films submitted to the International Awards category.

The city of Venice with its lagoon is an example of a historic city that is at great risk of being swallowed by water. “Intertidal. Barene” is aimed at raising awareness of the issue that this ecosystem brings with it. A precise dialogue with the environment, consisting of natural elements and put in relation to the elements created by humans. The dancing language comes from a specific relationship with the location and perception through the lens of the camera.

The film was selected by Simon Fildes, Iliyana Nedkova and Gitta Wigro from the films submitted to the International screendance awards category.

The panel felt the film was an unhurried eco poetic portrayal of a fragile environment, guided by camera and choreography to raise awareness of urgent issues without the film seeming polemical. Congratulations to the whole production team for gaining 2 awards at the festival.

COSTUME DESIGN: Anja Dimitrijević, Paloma Leyton, Laura Santini
AUDIO PRODUCTION: Emanuele Frison (V.E.R-V.)
GRAPHIC DESIGN: Alessandra Marin

They sent us a statement in response to the award. “Very delighted to receive this important recognition! We would like to thank all the people who helped us in the process of spreading awareness on this ecological topic through movement and film. The lagoon of Venice is a very dynamic ecosystem that has to deal with a continuous challenge to survive. We intend the concept of a city as not only the island of Venice, but  as the whole lagoon. The lagoon area is also home to a vast biodiversity, including many bird species at risk of extinction. The Venetian Lagoon is the most enduring of the world due to the historical management of humans, and now it is facing a very delicate moment over a climate change epoch. In “Intertidal. Barene” the dancing body explores the liminal zones by shifting the focus on its delicate islands of salt marshes that might be still conserved. It searches for a de-anthropocentric dialogue where the body is embedded into a horizontal connection to the environment. The music becomes a multi-layered language that explores and evokes this reality and perceived condition. “

The panel would like to give a special mention to the films “Jah Intervention” , “4” and “Navigation” for their outstanding skills and impact in the programme.

Screen.dance : Festival Awards Announced

Audience Choice Awards:

The clear favourite voted for in the UK Audience choice award was “Bunny” Directed by James Copeman and Choreographed by Sophia Melvin. They responded to the announcement – “We made our funny little film to entertain… so we’re thrilled to hear that BUNNY did just that!”

You can see the trailer here:

The International Audience choice award was a much tighter contest but “Intertidal, Barene” was a front runner from the opening. Directed, produced and choreographed by this Italian arts collective Confluenze.

View the trailer here.

#SummerhallAdapts collaboration.

Happy to announce we are still running this event in collaboration with Summerhall in Edinburgh despite not being able to use their screening facilities.

Due to the ongoing restrictions this year the festival will be streamed entirely in our special screening room on 19 and 20th June but we hope audiences worldwide will donate to the Summerhall funding appeal and support this fantastic independent arts facility while enjoying hours of high quality dance on screen and exciting artist presentations.

Follow #summerhalladapts on Twitter and do make a donation if you can.

Screen.Dance moves online for June festival event.

Sad to announce that Summerhall in Edinburgh will not reopen in June so we will not be able to hold our film festival screenings and presentations there.

However we will be running the festival online so please stay in touch for further announcements and press releases!

So we are four weeks away from our online screen.dance festival! We are ready to announce our international artist presenters!

Each 20 minute presentation will give us an insight into the art and practice of screendance making with behind the scene perspectives on the creative processes and concepts motivating the artists.

Check our Instagram and Facebook for more details.