Artist Presentations

Full programme for the artist presentations. Each presentation is around 20 minutes and most of the talks are captioned. More information about the artists and their presentations can be seen our Instagram and Facebook pages. Edited versions of the presentations are being made available here.

Friday 19th June, 11am – session 1

Lucy Cash – (UK)

Lizzie Sykes – (UK)

Sima Gonsai – (UK)

Friday 19th June, 12.30pm – session 2

Fabiola Santana & Will Dickie – (UK)

Maria Craig – (UK)

Omari Carter – (UK)

Friday 19th June, 2pm – session 3

Beatriz Mediavilla & Dominic Leclerc – (Canada)

Screendance as Activism and Social Commentary discussion on video

Saturday 20th June, 11am – session 4

David Bolger – (Ireland)

Jiang Xiong – (China)

Krzysztof Stasiak – (Poland)

Saturday 20th June, 12.30pm – session 5

Marianne Kim & Cheng-Chieh Yu -(USA/Taiwan)

Kate Mitchell – (USA)

Charli Brissey – (USA)

Saturday 20th June, 2pm – session 6

Jennifer Patterson – (UK)

Marlene Millar & Sandy Silva – (Canada)

This session was followed by a Q&A facilitated by Iliyana Nedkova and Anna Alexandre. Video at the bottom of the session page.