International Awards Screening 3

This is the third of three curated programmes of International short films selected from the open call to the festival. Saturday 20th June 8pm to 9pm BST

Making Men (Belgium 2019 10 min) Making Men examines the question of masculinity. This dance film zooms in on 4 individuals in the process of becoming men. As is expected, they proceed unquestioningly into manhood through various stages of their lives, adopting the clearly coded characteristics allowed by society. Dir Antoine Panier

Making Men

I Care (Norway 2019 5 min 45 sec) A woman moves throught moments, in subtle ways responding and observing layers in herself and her surroundings. Does her way of sensing belong? a film poem to enjoy and reflect upon. Dir.Elin Osjord

I Care

How Long Is Forever (India 2019 8 min) The topography moves. It maps itself in the space. It reaches far beyond its geographical limitations and it leaves traces. It reminds you why dance and poetry are so necessary for the human experience, particularly at a time of crisis, violence, separation and anarchy on the planet at large. Dir.Priyabrata Panigrahi, Sahit Anand.

How Long is Forever

Come Rain or Shine (Hong Kong 2019 12 mins) In a society of extreme distortion, people lives like ants and they actually don’t mind about it. Sunlight may not be inevitable, and in fact the rain may bring more clarity to the mind and body. The ant is getting more used to being abused, actually enjoying it, because rain and snow brings more vitality to them. Will it die? Maybe…but at least it walked through the path with courage and wisdom. Dir Justyne Li

Come rain or shine

Bad Feeling (French Polynesia 2019 3 min 50 sec) A couple of young Polynesian dancers share a dance in Paris, maybe for the last time …Dir Nyko PK16

Bad Feeling

The Sun Also Rises (China 2020 6 min 45 sec) Having been self-quarantined, almost everyone‘s life is squeezed. The range of daily activities is limited, space is blocked, time is reversed, and the physical limitations amplify the mere physiological perception. This dance film hopes to record and present the physical state of some individuals in special periods and isolated spaces. What’s the point of human life being stripped of social connections? Can we find some clues in the images of thirty-three groups of dancers’ movements, behaviors, sights, and life moments? With stagnation, silence, tearing, and revelry, life continues, and the sun rises as usual.  Dir Chen Yujie

The Sun Also Rises

Jah Intervention (Brazil 2019 16 min)  ‘Jah Intervention’ is a symbolic walk to exhaustion. The intervention proposes the preliminary warm-up that precedes a fight of titans in a boxing ring. The intervention consists of the movement of the performer sensing the sudden fall when affected by perforations by bullets of semi-automatic weapons. Dir. Welket Bungué, Daniel Santos.

Jah Intervention