Special Curated Selection – Friday 19th June. 6pm

We have created a special screening programme featuring work that straddles a particular type of hybrid documentary / screendance approach to artists moving image.

In Pursuit of Joy – The Motion Dance Collective – UK 2020 – 8 minutes 30 . This film has been created through the exploration of the cultural, universal and individual joy of each performer.  Inviting the viewer to experience an embodied feeling of joy through dance, home-movie inspired cinematography and montage editing.  Resulting in the presentation of a new harmonic, between a naturally occurring and performed expressions of joy.

In Pursuit of Joy

Alchemy – Krzysztof Stasiak – Poland 2020 – 15 minutes. Can a place change people and affect their professional choices, scientific and artistic development? Using dance and music ALCHEMY describes the transformation of a place that from a village in the 18th century became largest industrial agglomeration in 20th century Germany and then Poland.  The film, which was made for the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the cultural activity of the Municipal Culture Center „Batory” in Chorzów (previously Wielkie Hajduki and Bismarckhütte), intriguing associations and provokes reflection on the specificity of this place, bringing out its essence and spirit, revealing what is most important: people and their transformation.


Still dancing – Maria Craig – UK 2020 – 9 minutes. Three Scottish women tell their story of how they first fell in love with dance as a child and demonstrate their continued passion for the art form in their elder years. The film weaves elements of social commentary with the poetic art of screen- dance.

Still Dancing

Canning Town – Will Dickie, Fabiola Santana – UK 2019 – 10 minutes 30s. Canning Town is a dance film shot beneath its street lights, capturing desolate cityscapes that will soon no longer be there. House prices continue to rise and the redevelopers of East London are steadily encroaching from all sides. Fabiola and her Mother Leah moved to Canning Town from Portugal in 2008. In 2018 they moved out. This film honours those 10 years by making a dance with the forces of union and separation – between two lovers, a mum and daughter, a country and its continent.

Canning Town

Good Tidings – Sebastiano Luca Insinga – Italy 2019 – 15 minutes. When the climate in the Mediterranean returns mild, boats full of migrants leave from the coasts of Africa and Asia trying to reach Europe, the “promised land”. On a summer night, Bochra arrived on a beach in Sicily with over 130 people on board. All soon escaped. And Bochra remained alone in the limbo between sea and earth… until the tourists arrived

Good Tidings

There are many other examples of films that makes social comment or take an activist stance throughout the Screen.dance programme. These films explore issues around race, ecology, gender, ageing, migration, history, social justice and just the sheer joy of dancing. The five films in this programme address some of these issues and take diverse approaches that we find are interesting examples of this form of hybrid work.

Prior to this screening we collaborated with The Work Room Glasgow to host a webinar and discussion about screendance as activism and social commentary. Facilitated in partnership with Gitta Wigro from The Place London and Anna Alexandre of maPs project